About Us

Three words began to exemplify the approach taken by designer David Cameron when he first envisaged Circle Design. He wanted a piece of furniture that was simple, functional and beautiful for his work as an interior architect. He began to design with the notion of helping workflow without distraction. This aim allows for a better focus on the task at hand leading to a boost in productivity and a calmer workspace environment.

Circles first desk ‘Oosoom’ is the purest realisation of that initial notion. Its full-width drawer allows the users to put objects out of sight, out of mind’ as they concentrate solely on their work.

Circle Design  Simple – Functional – Beautiful


Practicality and a reduction of form. A minimalist approach to modern materials produces a cleaner, simpler and ultimately more durable piece of furniture. Keeping our design and build process simple is key in the production and usability of our furniture. A form derived simply from the function of our design.


Ease of use and purposefulness. We use modern materials specifically for their benefit and wear. This may sound like quite a utilitarian approach; it’s our way of filtering the unnecessary and focus solely on the end use of our furniture.


Having both a reductive and utilitarian approach to design leaves our furniture with a refined aesthetic. Beauty comes solely from their purpose; the function they serve. This way we believe beauty is predetermined by simple and functional design, it is the outcome of our research and development, of the prototyping and refinement that makes a Circle piece of furniture.