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  • FOOD GRADE SILICON – Circle design has taken special care to ensure the silicon of the PrepSmart will last well into the future without absorbing odours
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOOD SCRAP BIN – The PrepSmart was designed to make your cooking experience easier without getting in your way. Allow the weight of the cutting board hold the PrepSmart in place while you cut and move your scraps into the hanging bin.
  • MODULAR CUT COLLECTOR CUPS – Collect your freshly cut vegetables in our included collector cups and keep organized in the kitchen. Rinse your vegetables after cutting using the mini colander feature.
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL KITCHENS – Special care was taken to ensure the design of the PrepSmart maximizes the limited space in a small kitchen. The PrepSmart is the perfect kitchen accessory for any apartment or motor home as well as large houses.

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